Local Testimonials from the Saladmaster Family! If you have an amazing story you'd like to share with us please Contact Us!

    My name is Teisha Mechetti and I am a proud Saladmaster owner, Agriculture major and now an active Consultant with Cooking for Wellness in the Humboldt County region.  My husband and I invested in a system in 2010 and it has been the best move we have made towards our health.  Cooking and food has always been a passion of ours and we enjoy gourmet quality meals with the highest nutrition quality possible.  When we found Saladmaster it truly enhanced our cooking experience and overall health and wellbeing.  After four years of being an owner the product always has stood up to everything it claims and then some.  Now I work with the company and couldn't be happier to promote and educate the community about a product that truly billows above the rest.  If you care about health and nutrition don't wait to schedule a free dinner show with the top chefs and find out more about what Saladmaster has to offer you and your family's health.  
              Sincerely, Teisha Mechetti (Thank you Saladmaster and Cooking for Wellness)


     I first heard about Saladmaster from my mom. She invited me to a lunch and I was thoroughly impressed, actually it changed my life. Since my late teens I’d always strived to fill my body with nutritionally dense food buying organic and local often from the farmers themselves but I’d never considered how my cookware might be affecting my food: destroying the nutrition and leaching toxic metals! I had to protect my food and my wellbeing.
            John Robinson called me the next day to see if I was ready to get a set and I agreed to meet with him on Wednesday at his office Cooking For Wellness to talk about it. On Tuesday as I was getting ready to go to work my boss called me and laid me off – they got someone new to do it for cheaper, I’d been there for over a year and a half and had one $1.00 raise. I went out to John’s office the next day to thank him for the lunch and tell him I couldn’t get a set. Instead, he offered me a job and I accepted.
            I’d worked as a professional cook for about 8 years and I loved cooking but did not love the destructive lifestyle that most people in the foodservice industry had: drinking, smoking, drug use, and high stress. I’m a certified yoga instructor and have been sharing health and wellness with people for years but always as a side job. Now, with Saladmaster, I get to share my passion for health and food with interesting new people everyday, I’m closer to achieving some major life goals and dreams, it’s pushed me to grow as a person, I get to travel, and I love what I do!
Thank you Saladmaster!    


                        -Gabriel Fugate        


      I’ve been involved in health and wellness for most of my life. I grew up on a farm in South Dakota and, as an 8 year old, was in charge of the family garden. We grew everything we ate. So food has been a big focus of my life.
            I highly value my health. I’m aware of the toxins in our environment and choose to eat organically. Saladmaster was a missing link for me in this equation because now I can cook in a healthy way, in the best way possible.
            I have my Saladmaster cookware! I love how the food tastes! I love how I feel! I know I’m getting the nutrition I need for my body to thrive. And last but not least, clean up is so easy.
I’m a happy camper because of the choice I made to invest in Saladmaster. As a consultant I have the opportunity to help others change their lives for the better.


                       -Marlena Kogel



         SALADMASTER has made our life a little less stressful thanks to being able to pay off some old debt. Also fun because we are able to do our dinner together as a team and see a different side of each others personalities. Earning free vacations is a great perk cause we would not have been able to afford a vacation our selves for a couple more years now we have already been to Las Vegas and are going to Disney Land with our daughter next month. So glad to be a part of the Saladmaster family.  
Sincerely ,

                       -Jennifer and Ed Cunningham



     I didn't know what to expect when my wife told me that some guy (Skip Cornwell) was coming over to our house to cook us a free chicken dinner she had "won" from the Illinois Valley Farm and Garden Festival. We were curious about what he could be selling that was so fabulous that he would cook a free dinner to advertise it. Of course, we didn't expect it to be as awesome and compelling as it was. We had been struggling for years, and praying for a job change, but we had no idea that Saladmaster would be it. I had been working at two different fast food restaurants, but our diet had changed drastically, and fast food just didn't fit those changes. I think we were only about 15 minutes into the Saladmaster dinner when my wife looked at me and said "I think this might be your new job." I still wasn't convinced, because although she has done a lot of direct sales, it just wasn't my thing and with the economy the way it is I was skeptical about the feasibility of it being a full time job. I told her I would keep an open mind, and by the end of the dinner we were convinced. We were hooked! My first four weeks in Saladmaster I made about $1500, compared to the month of September when I hadn't made even $1000 working two jobs. My wife got a financial aid refund on October 9th, and I took two weeks off of my main job to focus on Saladmaster. The two weeks started on the 11th, and the first dinner I cooked was October 15th. When the two weeks were up, I gave my two week notice and only worked one more day at that job. Praise Jesus, I'm so thankful to be out of there. Thanksgiving and Christmas was a little tough on my schedule, but we stayed focused, and knew that after Christmas business would pick up. I've been really blessed with good sales, and now we have one recruit, and our recruit has a recruit, so we've been spending a fair amount of time training. What a great way to start the year! We are excited to see what our future in Saladmaster holds, we are also excited about  going to Las Vegas in February. We have never had a vacation, working or otherwise in our 12 years of our marriage. We are excited to be working together and see a way to acheive our dreams, and bless others. Thank you Saladmaster and Jesus for changing our lives!

                           -Jon Vellinga


        I've been a Saladmaster owner for two years and thought it might be helpful for others to know some of the benefits my family of four has gotten by cooking the Saladmaster way. First of all, after I saw the carrot test and the rest of the demonstration, I realized that a big change in the way we prepared our food was in order. My husband was unemployed at the time but we still had credit and I decided we couldn't afford not to be cooking this way. My family needed it, and I needed it, so we put it on the monthly plan. It was the best thing we could have done, I have realty bad allergies, and I would get sick every fall, and every spring with a cold, flu or something that would plague me for months: sinusitis, bronchitis and occasionally pneumonia. Since I've been cooking the Saladmaster way I have had one cold in two years, and it only lasted 5 days. That is amazing. The rest of my family would get colds and flues too and they would be sick for weeks, sometimes months. Since we've been cooking this way my family has just had the odd flu for a few days, not months like the old days before Saladmaster. When I think of what we have saved with Saladmaster, I first looked at my prescriptions and cold and flu remedies compared to the two years before we got Saladmaster. Prescriptions went down about half which adds up to about $300 per year. I used to spend about $75-$100/month in supplements, ie vitamines, echinnacea and cold remedies about 8 months out of the year so even if I use the low figure that's another $600 /year my family has saved. Then I add the fact that I cook much less food than I used to and with a family of four my food bill has gone down about $80-$100/month, more in the festive seasons when we entertain. These all add up to about $225/month, that's $2,700 a year or about $5400 since we got Saladmaster. I got the family set and it has paid me back in a year and a half. I'd also like to mention that I am self employed and cannot afford to be sick. Five years ago I was sick for about 5 months. I lost a lot of money because I couldn't talk to anyone. In fact I ended up closing that business because I had lost so many clients. Cooking with Saladmaster and being healthy means I can make more money for my family. Before Saladmaster I hated cooking (unless it was my idea and I could do a new recipe) and since I've been cooking with Saladmaster, every night is fun. We also don't worry about defrosting things for dinner, who can decide what they want to eat for dinner when they have barely had breakfast! We also save hundreds of dollars a year on take out as a result of this. Finally, I love the time savings. I can't imagine having to cook the old fashioned way. We take our cookware with us whenever we go away, especially the electric skillet. My 16 year old has already told me that when he leaves home he hopes I'm going to give him some Saladmaster. We can't live without it. My suggestion to people looking at Saladmaster is, don't wait, just start reaping the benefits right away, You won't regret it.


                  -H. MacLean