Host a Lunch & Learn for Your Office, Business or Company

Tensions high, quotas to be met, pressure and competition in the workplace, or just the busy time of year or season.  All these things can cause anxiety in the workplace and stress amongst colleagues.  Lighten the tension and pressure with a lunch & learn for your team.  We provide a delightful luncheon meal which would feature a number of different dishes including either our Vegetarian/Vegan Lasagna or Enchilada (**meat by special request only) and our internationally famous and proclaimed Rainbow Salad.  We bring it prepared and cook it right there in front of your group while we inform the group of nutritional facts and important aspects of overall health and wellbeing for optimum functioning.  Plus it's fun and free!  So what are you waiting for, lighten up the load give your employees an extra 15 minutes on their lunch break and let us come do the work and feed the group a heart healthy and easy nutritional lunch.  They will thank you for thinking of them.