Enemies of Proper Nutrition











  • Heart disease, cancer and diabetes are becoming an epidemic?

  • Over half the population is overweight?

  • Most people don't have the time to cook healthy?

  • Traditional cookware can destroy nutrition and can behazardous to your health?

  • WATER (even a little) dissolves vitamins and minerals EVAPORATION flavor and nutrients are lost in the steam and down the drain HIGH HEAT temperatures above 200° Fahrenheit i.e. boiling / steaming / microwaving all destroy nutrition OXIDATION light and air destroys sensitive vitamins 



  • Retains the color, flavor and up to 98% of the nutrients

  • Reduces oil and fat intake by over 80% and reduces or eliminate the usage of salts.

  • Prepares easy and tasty meals in half the time.

  • Helps you lose weight & feel great


Nothing taste better than great health feels!


"The lifestyle you live, the foods you eat, and the way you prepare your foods play vital roles for the health of the human blood and tissue, Unfortunately, most cooked foods have lost their energy and are dead. In contrast, the cookware I have personally been utilizing consisting of the Saladmaster 316Ti Stainless Steel is a unique system of low temperature, water-free, semi-vacuum cooking minimizes any oxidation of a foods' nutrients and electrons and maximizes their energetic qualities," says Dr. Young. "From this method of food preparation, one's food remains more alive with electrons-the spark of life! " 













Microbiologist Robert Young, Ph.D. 
Author of the November 2005 published book, PH Miracle 
Chief laboratory director of The pH Miracle Center in Valley Center, California.