Become a Local Health Affiliate

"...Whether you are a medical doctor, physician's assistant, massage therapist, acupuncturist, holistic practioner, nutritionist, herbalist, chinese doctor, avurvedic practitioner you need to know about this system and share this valuable information with your patients and clients.  Due to a strong lack of nutrition in our society as well as environmental toxins modern day illnesses are being seen at a ten-fold rate.  When you become an affiliate with us we provide you with an amazing opportunity to share the wealth of knowledge and also participate in our Health Affiliate Program which offers a competitive bonus offer for referring your clients to us to for a live cooking show that informs them of nutritional retention importance in their own kitchen and about the dangers of heavy metal and polymer contamination in the body.  Please contact us for more information about this program and to schedule your own Live Nutrition Show to learn more about how you can become apart of the movement to truly change lives."